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In the healthcare ecosystem, the privacy and security of patient data are paramount. PrivaSure is our state-of-the-art solution designed to protect sensitive patient information while enabling the seamless sharing of data for research and development, compliance, and patient care optimization.

No Code AI/ML Platform

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare, without the need for coding expertise. Our No Code AI/ML Platform is specifically designed to enable healthcare professionals to develop, deploy, and manage AI/ML solutions, streamlining operations, enhancing patient care, and driving innovation.


AI/ML Data Solutions

Creating AI/ML solutions for healthcare, driving data-driven insights and improved decision-making.

Artificial Intelligenc

Digital Transform

Blockchain Engineering

OUr Goals

Advancing Healthcare Domain Expertise

Deep healthcare domain, workflow and data expertiseacross MedTech, Provider, Payer and Life Sciences Markets Ensure growth, profitability.

Our Vision

Leading Healthcare Transformatione.

Becoming the top healthcare partner by accelerating digital innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for organizational
Our Mission

Healthcare Technology Leadership

Leading healthcare technology provider, partnering with top innovative solutions providers.
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Protecting Protected Health Information (PHI): A Commitment to Data Security

Patient Privacy

SynapseHealthTech seeks to follow the highest standard of data privacy and operate in full compliance with regulatory laws & standards

PHI Data Protection

We through data compliance checklists before embarking actual engagement with business vendor. At termination of engagement, Client-specific data will be returned to client

Unauthorized Access

Access controls measures, mutifactor authentication and restricting access to information and certain applications to only those users who require access to perform their jobs

Data Corruption

We work with the best legal counsel to identify acceptable data acquisition and utilization practices where our clients feel that a higher standard

Data Breaches

Evaluating risk across the organization periodically to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks to better avoid costly data breaches a


Frequent offsite data backups with strict controls for data encryption, access, and other best practices to ensure that data is secured.

SynapseHealthTech: Your Partner in AI and Advanced Analytics

SynapseHealthTech is your premier partner for AI and advanced analytics in healthcare. We specialize in innovative solutions to optimize operations and enhance patient care using cutting-edge technologies.

How it Works

Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI/ML Architecture

Engaging with Data

Explore advanced data visualization, reporting, and analytics at SynapseHealthTech.

Unified Data for Analytics

Moving from enterprise warehouse to domain-based architecture


Essential methods for efficient data collection and processing in modern architecture


EMR, PACS, Claims, Research, ACO, Images, CRM, Devices: Healthcare data integration

Navigating Digital Horizons with Digimax: Your Trusted Partner.

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Case Studies

Case Studies: Insights and Success Stories

AI-powered Risk


Brian Imanuel


15 Jan 2024





A large hospital network sought to improve patient outcomes and optimize resource allocation by accurately predicting patient risk levels.

AI-driven Hospital Bed

Sophie Lewis


18 Jan 2024





A large hospital system sought to improve patient flow and optimize bed utilization across its facilities

AI Processing

Brian Imanuel


15 Jan 2024





A leading health insurance company sought to optimize its claims processing and reduce operational costs.

Empowering Healthcare Through Digital Transformation

Process automation and system integration to improve operational efficiency. Telehealth solutions for remote patient monitoring and virtual consultations


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